Benevolent Fund

The MusicHelps Benevolent Fund provides emergency financial assistance to those whose situations and credentials meet our eligibility criteria for assistance. If you are a New Zealander who earns a living through music and are experiencing hardship due to illness, injury and/or significant misfortune, you can make a confidential enquiry about how the MusicHelps Benevolent Fund might assist you. Please use the form below or call 9 623 4728.

Those who have been professionally involved (now or at some time in the past) either full or part-time for 10 years or more (or alternatively for the majority of their adult working life) in making live or recorded music possible in Aotearoa can apply. This includes people from across the many disciplines involved in live and recorded music from composers & performers to management, live production crew, studio & backroom personnel, right through to those involved in corporate & retail roles in the industry.  In some instances, relatives of those who are eligible may apply for assistance.

" MusicHelps NZ has made the completion of my postgraduate opera studies in London possible.

After being diagnosed with stage three melanoma in my first 6 months of study, I was facing a year-long course treatment and my ability to financially support myself through international study was severely compromised. The support from the Benevolent Fund has allowed me to complete my studies and even thrive at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in spite of obvious challenges. I am so grateful for this charitable support while I embark on my operatic career in the UK. "

Guiding Principles

Please note: the assistance the Benevolent Fund provides is typically of an emergency nature where we pay a third party to cover bills or source essential goods and/or services on behalf of an applicant, usually on a one-off basis. It is generally not a cash grant made direct to individuals.

The following constitute the guiding principles used by the MusicHelps Benevolent Fund Approvals Committee when assessing applications. The Committee reserves the right to take relevant information and circumstances that fall outside these guidelines into account when making its decisions. Note: annual tax returns may be required as confirmation of such employment / remuneration details.


Please submit the following enquiry form so we can assess your eligibility to complete an application for a grant from the MusicHelps Benevolent Fund

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