MusicHelps Legacy:
A free online will service for New Zealand music people

Making a will

It’s one of those things that seems to always sit in the ‘I must get on to that’ pile. None of us know what life is going to bring, so having a will ensures that if anything happens to us, our intentions will be followed.

MusicHelps have connected with Footprint to offer all New Zealand music workers the opportunity to create a will for free.

It's simple

Click here to register for a free online will through Footprint. In the gift section of the will - if you are a songwriter you can nominate who will receive your songwriting or recorded music royalties, have a special instrument – nominate who you would like to receive this.  If you have children, you can nominate a guardian for your children. You are also able to nominate the person to act as “Executor” of your will.

Once completed you will receive your will to print, sign and have witnessed. At no additional cost, you will be able to send Footprint your signed will to store in a secure earthquake and fireproof location.

Of course, things change in your life - a change in your financial situation, a change in your relationship status, you get married, you get divorced, you welcome a new addition to the family, or maybe you have a special memento you want to leave to someone.  Your will can be updated through your dashboard.

For answers to frequently asked questions – click here.