Do You need help?

Are you or
have you:

•  stopped caring about how you look or maintaining your personal hygiene
•  feeling hopeless, really sad, or crying a lot
•  feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful and can’t seem to switch off
•  drinking more or using drugs or alcohol to get by
•  not wanting to see friends or family anymore – withdrawing or making excuses
•  stopped doing things you used to enjoy
•  having difficulty remembering things, can’t concentrate
•  feeling bad about yourself – guilty, hopeless or ashamed
•  changed your eating pattern significantly
•  experiencing extreme mood swings – ups and downs or panic attacks
•  self-harmed or thought about self-harming
•  talking about, thinking about or planning suicide or wanting to give up

If you recognise these signs, reach out now. Call 0508MUSICHELP, email us, or speak to your healthcare provider or a person you trust.

If you are in danger or are you experiencing a medical issue at the moment? Please call 111 if you are in NZ or the emergency services of the country you are in.

Support Lines

There are also a number of other telephone support lines that may be tailored to your needs that you can call.

If you are in danger or experiencing a medical emergency, call 111.