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Friends of

Denyse Brandt

Simon Jackson

Richard Betts

Community Music Junction

Assisted Community Living

Craig Black

Gillian Cropper

Lisa Paris

Lauren Clough

Andrew McDowall

Jamie Newman

Anna Maria van Riel

Dylan Pellett

Gavin Downie

Xerxes Saher

Trilby Crowther

Lydia Jenkin

Matty Buxton

Sweet Mix Kids

Tikidub Productions

Rochelle Stables

Sarah Illingworth

Bairon Falado Palacios

Kate Jones


Bevan Peace

Nathan Graves

Makin Music Ltd

Deborah Cranko

Kate Gillespie

Chelsea Nikkel

Josie Campbell

Kim Bonnington

Ronan Wallace

Jane Loughnan

Tracey Morse

Matt Harrison

James Sullivan

Benjamin Cleland

C P Gillard

Len Carney

Reinarda Reilly

Catherine Gatt

Tina Tian

Antonios Houtas

George George

Mariana Alletson

Shannon McIntyre

Mons Longley

Geoff Ong

Louise Bond

Anna Redwood

Mark Roach

Victoria Blood

Pennie Black

Bex Martelletti

Colin Swain

Peter Ruddell


Concord Music Publishing

Tour Security NZ

Leesa Tilley

Justyn Pilbrow

Reb Fountain

Daphne Rickson

Adam Cope

Andrew Fraser

George Niven

Patty Doran

John Bell

Meadow Simpson

JLP Presents

Alan Waddingham

King Family Trust

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